Something for Everyone: Nursery and Landscape Design

I have laid out my nursery to include distinct sections, and I’m pretty excited about how it’s all coming along. I had a soft opening this week, and I’m super happy about how many people showed up. My grand opening is set for a week from today.
Layout and Design Considerations
Another Design Instructional

Pergolas the whatcha ma call it of Landscape Design

So, most of my last post was about all the types and varieties of things I’m stocking in my nursery. Sorry if it was boring and made you glaze over.

My Indoor Shop

I also have an indoor area of my nursery. This is divided into two sections.

Opening Day!

I see that my blog articles are getting shorter and shorter. I guess the nature of starting a business is that you are swamped with work and really don’t have the time to stand around talking (or writing) about it.

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